December 18,  2019 г. The 7th Conference of Azerbaijan Neurologists

 The 1st Conference of Paediatric Neurologists of Azerbaijan 

  Sharg zali II Sharg zali I
08: 00-09: 00 Registration
09: 00-09: 30 Opening Ceremony
09: 30-09: 50 «Yesterday, today and tomorrow of neurology in Azerbaijan» Prof. Rana Shiraliyeva

09: 50-10: 10

«The role of KATP channels in migraine pathophysiology»  Prof. Messoud Ashina 
10: 10-10: 30

"Multidisciplinary instrumental diagnostics with prediction and monitoring of the therapeutic efficacy of epilepsy"

 Prof. Nadejda Korolyova 

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

"Medulla spinalis vascular malformations: Radiologic Diagnosis and Endovascular Therapy" 

Prof. Ahmet Memish

Ayten Mammadbayli (greeting) 

"Migraine diagnosis and treatment in children"

 Prof. Messoud Ashina


'Managment of Carotid artery stenosis"  

Prof. Natan Bornsteyn

Neoplastic disorders of central nervous system in children and their surgical treatment"

Azer Akberov


"Principles of treatment of sleep disorders" 

Prof. Rovshan Hasanov

"Neurological aspects of small abnormalities of heart development in children"

Prof. Ibrahim Isayev 


"Application of botulinotherapy in the tratment of focal dystonia" 

Prof. Sadagat Huseynova

'A child with developmental delays through the eyes of a pediatrician"

Assoc. Prof. Nigar Sadiyeva  


"Arterial hypertension-the main risk factor for atrial fibrillation"

Tofig Jahangirov

"Radiologic Imaging in Phacomatoses and Genetic Syndromes Associated with Central Nervous System Tumors" 

Prof. Ahmet Memish 


"Diagnosis and management of psychomotor seizures"

 Prof. Zafar Aliyev

"Correlation featuersof adrenocholinergic connections in genesis and transformation of "accommodative spasm" in children survive pre-perinatal encephalopathy" 

Prof. Sevinj Salmanova

13:00-14:00 Lunch

"Restless legs syndrome"

Assoc. Prof. Nergiz Huseyinoglu  

"Modern classification of epilepsy and epileptic syndromes in childhood"

Prof. Marjan Lepesova


"Modern approach to the laryngeal paralysis" 

Prof. Nazim Huseynov

"Differentiation of motor phenomena during sleep in children"

Prof. Rovshan Hasanov


"Pseudo-pseudo-Foster-Kennedy syndrome"

Hidayatzade Sevda

"Prenatal diagnostics of cerebral palsy"

Azer Faraj 


"Spinal fracture and neurological complications"

PhD Kamil Eyvazov

"Neonatal seizures"

Altynshash Jaxybayeva


"Thalamic tumors. Resection or biopsy"

Tural Rahimli 

"Peculiarities of clinical course of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis"

Prof.Kursad Aydin


"Diagnosis and therapy of psychomotor convulsions"

Prof. Nadir Aliyev

"Pediatric spinal deformities and treatment"

PhD Kamil Eyvazov

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

"The algorithm of myofasciotomy and manual therapy for acute low back pain"

PhD Vagif Yagubov

"Immunological factors of central nervous system damage in newborns"

Naila Rahimova


      The 4th İnternational Neurology Congress of Turkish-speaking countries - December 19, 2019

  Sharg zali II Khojasan   Khirdalan  (Satellite symposiums)                 
08:00-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:30 Opening ceremony
Prof. Rana Shiraliyeva, Prof. Messoud Ashina

Multiple Sclerosis

1.  "Immuno-pathology of MS" 

 Munire Kilinc
 2. "Treatment in MS and follow up of its efficacy"

Prof. Husnu Efendi

3. "Differential diagnosis of MS"

Prof. Rana Shiraliyeva

10:30-11:00 Coffee break / Poster discussion
11:00-12:00 Master Class
Multiple Sclerosis (case discussion)
Moderators: Prof. Rana Shiraliyeva, Prof. Husnu Efendi, Prof. Munire Kilinc

Cerebrovascular diseases 

1. "Establishing Stroke Service in the Republic of Georgia - a five years' experience"

Prof. Zaza Katsarava

2. "Atypic appearances of stroke"

Prof. Rovshan Hasanov

3. "Post stroke motor rehabilitation"

Prof. Natan Bornsteyn


Arterium (40 minutes)

"History, present and future in the treatment of radiculopathy"

Prof. Mikhail Oros

13:00-14:00 Lunch

Master Class 

Cerebrovascular diseases (case discussion)
Moderators: Prof. Natan Bornsteyn, Prof. Rovshan Hasanov, Prof. Zaza Katsarava

Results of scientific research works in neurology

Sona Aliyeva

Madina Vahabova

Sevinj Salmanova

Ilaha Azizova

Gerofarm (20 minutes)

"Chronic forms of cerebrovascular disease. Algorithm of modern diagnosis and treatment"

 Prof. Anatoliy Fedin



1. "Dual and multifocallesions in focal forms of epilepsy in the practice of radiologist"

PhD Daria Rudenko

2. "The possibilities of MRI in the diagnosis of vascular diseases and brain malfomations in epilepsy"

Dmitriy Bondarchuk

3. Sleep disorders in the practice of a pediatric and adult neurologits"

Pavel Pushnoi

Genetic neurologic disorders

1. "Mucopolisacaridosis: clinical course, diagnosis, treatment, genetiks"

Assoc. Prof. Elkhan Rasulov

2. "Genetic interpretation of different types of mutations in DMD gene in Kazakh population"

PhD Dinmukhamed Ayaganov

3. "Clinical and genetic heterogeneity of dysrophinopathies in Kazakhstan"

Bakhtikul Mirzaliyeva 

16:00-16:30 Coffee break


1. "Neurosurgical treatment in brain aneurizmas"

PhD Ruslan Pishanov

2. Surgical management of craniopharyngiomas. Choosing optimal surgical corridor for maximizing extent of resection and reducing surgical complications. Endoscopic versus Microscopic surgery"

Tural Rahimli 

Results of scientific research works in neurology

Nargiz Mammadova

Marziyya Mammadova

Leyla Rahimova

Saltanat Agayeva

Ismayil Garayev




The 4th International Neurology Congress of Turkish-speaking countries - December 20, 2019 

  Sharg zali II Khojasan Khirdalan (Satellite symposiums)
08:00-09:00 Registration


1. "Diagnosis of migraine and cluster headache (İHS classification)" 

Prof. Rovshan Hasanov

2. "Key signalig molecules in pathogenesis of migraine and cluster headache"

 Prof. Messoud Ashina 

3. "Monoklonal antibodies in migraine and cluster headache management"

Prof. Zaza Katsarava


Master Class

"Headache (case discussion)"

Moderators: Prof. Rovshan Hasanov, Prof. Messoud Ashina, Prof. Zaza Katsarava


Coffee break / Poster discussion



"Multidisciplinar approach to hypophysis and parasellar region: İnteractive case discussion session"

Moderators: Prof. Ahmet Memish, Uzm. Dr. Agakishi Yahyayev, Uzm. Dr. Azer Ekberov


Takeda (1 hour)

"Treatment of stroke"

Prof. Eduard Yakupov 


Neurology and psychiatry

1. "Neuropsychiatry: psychopathological syndromes in the clinic of neurological diseases"

Prof. Teymur Gafarov

2. "A "functional" patient is a difficult task for a neurologist"

Prof. Eduard Yakupov

3. "The proposed changes in the heading of mental and behavioral disorders İCD-11"

Prof. Fuad İsmaylov

4. "Panic Disorders: A 21 st Century"

Prof. Mikhail Oros

Results of scientific research works in neurology

Agun Guliyeva

Mehriban Mammadova

Aydin Mirzayev

Almaz Safarova

Ever (20 minutes)

"İTreatment for stroke^ neuroprotection in terms of evidence-based medicine"

Prof. Bakhtiyor Gafurov


13:30-14:30 Lunch

Rare neurological disorders

1. "Central nervous system abnormalities in pediatric and adult mitochondrial disorder"

Prof. Josef Finsterer

 2. "Unidentified bright object" of FASI - rare specific MRI symptomocomlex"

PhD Yunis Efendiyev

Stroke I

1. "Modern concept for the prevention of recurrent stroke"

Prof. Anatoliy Fedin

2. "The role and place of neuroprotective therapy for ishemic stroke"

Akmaral Izbasarova 


Stroke II

1. "First and recurrent stroke: clinical and pathogenetic relationships"

Prof. Bakhtiyor Qafurov

2. "Modern aspects of stroke registry and rehabilitation in Dashkent"

Prof. Elbek Mirjurayev

3. "Cognitive disorders in patients with chronic brain ischemia"

Prof. Erkin Nurgujayev


1. "Pain: what is it? And what can we do about it? The multidisciplinary pain clinic"

Rimma Geller 

2. "Variations of the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome"

Vagif Yagubov

3. "Invasive procedure in pain management"

Rimma Geller

16:30-17:00 Coffee break / Poster dicussion

Heart and Brain 

1. Cardioneurology: the principles of comorbidity and preventive strategy"

Prof. Mehman Mammadov

2. «Atrial fibrillation and stroke risk»

Prof. Tofig Jahangirov

3. «Features of cardiogen stroke»

Prof. Rovshan Hasanov


Results of scientific research works in neurology

Ulker Asadova 

Aygun Mammadova 

Arzu Aliyeva

Rahim Aliyev





"EPNS" teaching courses - December 19-20, 2019


  December 19, 2019
Sharg zali I)

December 20, 2019  Workshops (with video clips, photos and UK case discussions) (Sharg zali I)

08:00-09:00 Registration 

Opening ceremony


Workshop 1: Focal epilepsies

Prof. Finbar O'Callaghan


Lecture 1: Infantile Spasms – aetiology, treatment, outcome

 Prof. Finbar O'Callaghan


Workshop 2: Stroke and epilepsy

 Prof. Finbar O'Callaghan


10:30-11:00 Coffee break 11:00-11:30 Coffee break

Lecture 2: mTORopathies and epilepsy

 Prof. Finbar O'Callaghan



Workshop 3: Epilepsies of infancy

 Prof. Finbar O'Callaghan



Lecture 3: Ketogenic diet treatment in children with refractory epilepsy

Dr. Naila Ismayilova


Workshop 4: Neuroinflammatory disorders

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin

13:00-14:00 Lunch 13:30-14:30 Lunch

Lecture 1: Genetics of movement disorders in children

Dr Jean-Pierre Lin


Workshop 5: Neurological gait disorders (video clips, photos, case discussions)

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin



Lecture 2: General principals of management of movement disorders

 Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin


Workshop 6: Neuroencephalopathies 

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin

16:00-16:30 Coffee break 16:30-17:00 Coffee break

Lecture 3: Neuromodulation in movement disorders

 Dr. Jean-Pierre Lin


Final EPNS presentation

Dr. Naila Ismayilova